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Volume - 4 Issue - 10


Multi- Purpose Machine Tool: A Key to Increased Productivity, Decreased Cost and Saving in Power Consumption and Floor Area Requirement
Kumar Penumuru, Dorababu.M, Suresh.G, P.Kumar Babu

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Chemical Composition of Essential Oils of Ripe and Unripe Berries and Leaves of Juniperus Phoenicea L. and determination of their Antimicrobial Activities
A. Aljaiyash, M. Ghanmi, B. Satrani, H. Labiad, A. Echchelh, A. Chaouch

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Analysis on Current Situation of the Central Business District Decline in Uto City
Tsunetoshi NASU, Riken HOMMA, Kazuhisa IKI

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Evaluation of Water-to-Plaster Ratio on Products of Nafada Plaster of Paris (POP)
M.J.Madu, M.B.Ndaliman, B.Oche

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Measures to Vitalize the Commerce of the Central Business District of Uto City
Tsunetoshi NASU, Riken HOMMA and Kazuhisa IKI

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