International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology

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Volume - 4 Issue - 6


Implementation of Load Balancing Algorithm for Data Intensive Applications using MPI
V Vijayasherly, L Shalini, Chandresh Sharma, Manasvi Pandya

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Fly Ash using in Waste Water Tratment
Meena.V.Sanas, S.M.Gawande

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Coag-Flocculation Parametric Response of Irvingia Gabonesis Seed in Dairy Effluent
O.B. Ifeyinwa, O.D. Onukwuli, V.I. Ugonabo

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Transfer of Plastic Materials with SGF in linear Dry Contact on Steel Surfaces
Lucian Capitanu, Virgil Florescu, Liliana - Laura Badita

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Hand Written Character Recognition using VNP based Segmentation and Artificial Neural Network
Parul Singla, Sargam Munjal

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