International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology

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Volume - 4 Issue - 8


Quality Function Deployment and Value Engineering Applications in Smartphone Cost Management
Suryanarayana Chowdary Gunnam, Emmanuel S. Eneyo

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Heat Transfer in Metal Hydride Tank
Ľubica Kapustová, Natália Jasminská, Tomáš Brestovič

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Evaluation of the Work Capacity: a Case Study in Brazil
Graciana Simei, José Luis Garcia Hermosilla, Jorge Alberto Achcar, Claudio Luis Piratelli

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Measurement of Adsorbent Storage Capacities in the Process of Hydrogen Storage at Cryogenic Temperatures
Natália Jasminská, Tomáš Brestovič, Marián Lázár, Ľubica Kapustová

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Calculation Method for Predicting the Insertion-Loss of Soundproofing Ventilation Unit
Sohei Nishimura, Yuya Nishimura

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