International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology

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Volume - 4 Issue - 9


Thermal Field of Basic Material in the Process of Coating Formation by Thermal Application
Mária Čarnogurská, Marián Lázár, Tomáš Brestovič, Natália Jasminská

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Solution of Non-Linear Unsteady Flow Equation in Surge Tank
Bharati Medhi Das, Bibhash Sarma

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Low Area and High Efficient Comparators in Quantaum – Dot Cellular Automata
P. Rushikesawar Reddy, P. Ashok Babu

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Influence of Guangzhou Metro Line 6 on Transit Accessibility in Xunfengzhou District, Guangzhou
Ji-hua HU, Li-xiao GAO, Jia-xian LIANG

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Understanding the »Market-Pull«: Accelerating the Exploitation of Manufacturing Technologies
Gunther Schuh, Ramon Kreutzer, Myron Graw

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