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Volume - 2 Issue - 8


Design of Intelligent Mobile Human Recognition and Location Identification System Based on Arm7 and Open CV
Donthigari Vinay Kumar, Mr. Sanjay Dubey, Akbar Mohammad

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Automatic License Plate Recognition: (ALPR)
Sayali Hajare, Kanchan Mali, Neha Jadhav, Priyanka Harmale

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Public Cloud Storage Using Privacy-Preserving
Punati Aswini, B. Lakshmi Kanth

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A Highly Scalable Key Pre-Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Koduri Kavya, M .V. Dilip Kumar

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A Study of Effect of Geometric Ratio and Fiber Orientation on Modal Characteristics of Composite Beam
S. P. Parida, R. R. Dash

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Data Security Using Visual Cryptography and Bit Plane Complexity Segmentation
Prashant Lahane, Yashashri Kumbhar, Suraj Patil, Swati More, Meenali Barse

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Cloud Computing Security: A Shift from Cloud to Inter-Clouds
Shradha Modi, Bhuvnesh Nigam, Shivangi Mukhopadhyay, Prof. Anand Bone

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Global Positioning System as a Safety Monitor for Alzheimer's Patients
Prof. Mrs. S. S. Patil, Prof. D. P. Patil, Prof. V. M. Davande

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Awful Data Injection Attack and Defense in Electricity Business Sector Using Game Theory
G.Anusha, R.Ramesh

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The Java Virtual Shell and Kernel
Shital Bhor, Poonam Chaudhri, Priyanka Darekar, Pooja Gharage, Prof. Helly Patel, Mr.Dhiraj Motghare

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Bandwidth Monitoring and Reduction with Firewall Operation
Purnata Shingade, Aparna Koul, Shubham Shahane, Bipin Patil

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FPGA Implementation of ALU Based Address Generation for Memory
Mr. Nookala SaiRam, Mrs. Athira G. Krishna

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SIC Vector Generation Using Test per Clock and Test per Scan
B. Srinivasulu Reddy

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A Novel Approach to Solve Dead Lock Problem in AXI On-Chip Bus
Srikanth Manukonda, Santosh J

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A Review on Torque Convertor of IVT in Automobile
Arun M. Meshram, P. T. Nitnaware, S. N. Khetre

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Design of Low Cost Multi-Use, User-Friendly and Durable Hearing Aid
Sudip Paul, N. Rout, P. G. Waghmare, R. Patnaik

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A Review Paper on Composite Brake Friction Lining for lining Applications on Band Brake
Priyanka S. Bankar, S. N. Khan

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A Survey on Image Restoration Techniques
Senthilsevi A, Sukumar R

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Policy, Planning and Implementation of Wind Energy Technology, Wind Farms: Case Study
Pradeep N.R, S Kumarappa

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A Review Paper on Mouse Pointer Movement Using Eye Tracking System and Voice Recognition
Prajakta Tangade, Shital Musale, Gauri Pasalkar, Miss. Umale M.D., Miss. Awate S.S.

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Find the Androgen Deprivation Therapy and Congestive Heart Failure Results Using Stochastic Model
R. Vijayakumar, Dr. A. Muthaiyan, G. Vijayaprabha

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Probabilistic Intelligent Routing Scheme for Optical Networks
S. Suryanarayana, Dr.K.Ravindra, Dr. K. Chennakesava Reddy

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