International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology

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Volume - 3 Issue - 10


A Simple Way to Control the Torque and Turns the Electric Motor
R. G. Khadeev

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Dust Effect on Photovoltaic Electric Systems
Dr. Wasif AL Saluos

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An Anatomy of the Email Service, Simplified
Gogo, Tamuno-Omie

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Dependence of Engineering-and-Economical Indicators of Flat-Plate Solar Water-Heating Collectors from Temperature of Water Heating in Double-Circuit Hot-Water-Supply Systems
R.R. Avezov, N.R. Avezova, Sh.I. Suleymanov, A.E. Khaitmukhamedov, A.U. Vokhidov

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Developing Spatial Data Infrastructure in Egypt
Amr H. Ali

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An Area Efficient RISC Architecture using ALU
S.V.Sridevi, Dr.G.Kanaka Durga

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Acoustic Analysis of Timpani: Specific Mode by Striking Point
Yuya Nishimura, Sohei Nishimura

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Study of Symmetric Cryptography Algorithms
Ms.Snehalata D.Ulhe, Ms.Nilima D. Bobade, Mr.Amit J. Pimprikar

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Frequent Pattern Mining in Web Log Data using Apriori Algorithm
S.VijayaKumar, A.S.Kumaresan, U.Jayalakshmi

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