International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology

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Volume-7 Issue-1, 2019


Image Processing of Mammographic Images using Holography and Interferometry
A.M. Hamed

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The Integration of General Education and Higher Education by Using STREAM and PBL Strategies
Muhammad Al-Zahrani and Ayman A. Aly

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Analysis and Comparison of Closed System Based Thermal Cycles Undergoing Different Polytropic Transformations
Ramon Ferreiro. Garcia, Jose Carbia Carril

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Full Scale Testing of Fire Performance on A House Construction System Assembled With Sandwich Steel and Polyurethane Structural Panels
Luciani Somensi Lorenzi; Kássio Joe Stein; Luiz Carlos Pinto da Silva Filho.

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Mechanical Engineering in Ancient Egypt, Part 82: Boats Industry during the New Kingdom and Late Period
Galal Ali Hassaan

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