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Volume - 3 Issue - 9


Design of a Small Scale CFB Boiler Combustion Chamber for Laboratory Purposes
Dr.Bivek Baral, Mr.Anup KC, Mr.Pratisthit Lal Shrestha, Avip Bastakoti, Anil Kumar Pachhain, Shreedhar Neupane

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Mechansuim to Eliminate Composite Residuosity Class Problem by Using Modular Arithmetic for Public-Key Cryptography
Mukkamalla Snehapriya, Bullarao Domathoti, Putta Nageswara Rao

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An Efficient Methodology for Fault-Tolerant and a Proper Reconfiguration to Quality Modules for Digital Adders
P.Sreekanth, B. Mallikarjuna Reddy

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Design and Implementation of Genetic Algorithm as a Stimulus Generator for Memory Verification
M. Avinash

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Reducing Delays in Delivering Garments using DMAIC-Six Sigma Methodology
Thouraya Hamdi, Faten Fayala, Mohamed Jmali, Nizar Saidane

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Assessment of Health Hazardous of Scavengers Using Intelligent System
Ms. Sonal Bhugra, Dr. Srijit Biswas, FIE

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Tracking Mobile Emitter Using TDOA and FDOA Techniques
Aous Y. Ali, Ibrahim Beram Jasim

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Efficiency of Memory Allocation Algorithms Using Mathematical Model
Ledisi G. Kabari, Tamunoomie S. Gogo

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Design of BCD Parrell Multiplier Using Redundant BCD Codes
M.Saritha, B.Laxman, Dr.B.R.Vikram

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Efficient Implementation on Carry Select Adder Using Sum and Carry Generation Unit
Reshma Fatima, P.Jubair Ahmed

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