International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology

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Volume - 4 Issue - 1


Implementation of Carry Tree Adders and Compare with RCA and CSLA
G. Venkatanaga Kumar , C.H Pushpalatha

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Prognostication of Student’s Performance: Factor Analysis Strategy for Educational Dataset
Aniket Muley, Parag Bhalchandra, Mahesh Joshi, Pawan Wasnik

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Coordinated Control Strategy of Solar Photovoltaic Generators with MPPT and Battery Storage in Micro Grids
S.Raphael Kanthi Kamal, M.Jyothi

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Capacitive Measuring Device
Mamikonyan B. M., Mamikonyan Kh. B., Nikoghosyan D. S., Abrahamyan L. S.

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The Comperative Research of the Antistatic Property of the Amino-And Hydroxyethyl Imidazolines of Petroleum and Oil Acids
Khayala Hamlet Kasamanli

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Design Implementation of Composite Field S-Box using Aes 256 Algorithms
Challa Vamshi Krishna, N. Shivakumar, Dr. D Subba Rao

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Features Extraction Based on Subspace Methods with Application to SSVEP BCI
Yuliyan Velchev, Dimitar Radev, Svetla Radeva

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Cellular Automata Based Pattern Generator Bist Enabled UART
Annireddy Ranjith Reddy, N. Shivakumar, Dr. D Subba Rao

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An Additional Constraint on Local Realism with Mixture of Ten-Particle Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger State Implied by Rotational Invariance
Koji Nagata, Tadao Nakamura

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Corrosion Analysis of the Effects on Automobiles in Niger Delta Region
Tobinson. A. Briggs, Obioma M. Eseonu

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PID Controller with Adjustable Parameters via Fuzzy Logic
K. A. Aguilar, S. González, J. J. Medel

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Sediment & Runoff Analysis of Milli Watershed Area in Zaheerabad
M.A. Kalam, Dr. M. Ramesh

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Issues and Attacks – A Security Threat to Wsn: An Analogy
Sonali Joyce Lobo, Sumana K R

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The Activation of the Catalytic Cracking Process of Vacuum Gasoil with Vegetable Oils under the Influence of Magnetic Field
T.A. Mamedova, M.M. Abbasov, N.E. Movsumov, T.S. Latifova, E.N. Askerova, N.E.Asgerli, R.T. Samedov, V.M. Abbasov, S.A.Salmanova

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The Structural Integration of Supply Chain Practices in a Manufacturing and Distribution Systems: A Literature Review
Suryanarayana Chowdary Gunnam, Emmanuel S. Eneyo

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Hybridization of Plant Extracts for Corrosion Prevention of Mild Steel
I. S. Aji, Y.P. Zadva, M. J. Madu

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