International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology

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Volume - 3 Issue - 1


Low Cost Catalytic Configurations for Mid-Range CNG Lean Burn Engines for BSIV Emission
Dr. R. K. Patil, S. R. Babar

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Biodiesel Production for C.I. Engine from Various Non- Edible Oils: A Review
Amit Agarwal, Pankaj Gupta, Rajdeep

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A Survey on Privacy Preservation for Anonymzing Data
M. Saranya, R. Senthamil Selvi

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Efficient Determination of Clusters in K-Mean Algorithm Using Neighborhood Distance
Kedar B. Sawant

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Finite Element Analysis of Integral Shaft Bearing
Vidyasagar R. Bajaj, B. R. Borkar

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Advanced Routing Algorithms in Dynamic Networks
Y.Subba Reddy, V Venkata Ramana, G Rama Subba Reddy, Dr.Pandurangan Ravi

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Object Oriented Applications: Integration, Quality Assurance, and Deployment
Charles Edeki, Binit Datta

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Attenuation of Noise Pollution Produced by Band Conveyors from the Mining Unit of Career Rosia Due to Climatic Conditions
Andreea Cristina Stanci, Dorin Tataru, Aurora Stanci

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Sentiment Analysis Based on Dictionary Approach
Reshma Bhonde, Binita Bhagwat, Sayali Ingulkar, Apeksha Pande

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Online Fault Detection Technique: Innovative Way to Energy Conservation
Saurabh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar

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Three Stratum Cloud Cadres for Concentric Segregation and Secured Access of Health Data
Aksha Mondal, Ashwini Shivaprasad, Akanksha Singh

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Analysis of Fusion Techniques with Application to Biomedical Images: A Review
Hamsalekha.R, Dr. Rehna V. J

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Development of A 2d Model to Study the Co
Manasi Manjari Mohanty

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Hardware Implementation of Single Phase AC to DC matrix Converter as a DC Motor Drive
Sunitha P. V, Caroline Ann Sam

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Knowledge Discovery System (KDS) for Named Entity Recognition
K. Prabavathy, Dr. P. Sumathi

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Feature Extraction Technique for Robust and Fast Visual Tracking: A Typical Review
Kavya R, Harisha

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Augmented Reality Using Hand Gestures
Shweta Digambar Jagtap, Shubham Purushottam Joshi, Sachin Balkrishna Korde

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Smart Video Surveillance
Khot Harish S, Gote Swati R, Khatal Sonali B, Pandarge Sangmesh

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Data Security by Riversible Data Hiding Process
Supriya M. Diwe, Manisha Mokade, Anjali R. Keude, Deepika R. Paunikar, Eshan G. Motghare, Prishita S. Mahiskar

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