International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology

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Volume - 3 Issue - 12


Region-of-Interest Extraction Based on Frequency Domain Analysis and Salient Region Detection for Remote Sensing Image
Y. Dinesh Chandra, Dr.G.Chenchu Krishnaiah

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Image Enhancement using Different Lighting Conditions for Color and Depth Images
P.Giri Teja, Dr.G.Chenchu Krishnaiah

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Efficient Cryptography using Cellular Automata Rules
Md Sadiq, Bhupalam Harish Kumar

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Triple-Fault Tolerant Architecture Design for Ripple Carry Adder
Muvvala Naga Mounika, Santhosh Kumar Peketi

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Energy-Efficiency Optimization for MIMO-OFDM Mobile Multimedia Communication Systems with QoS Constraints
K.Srihari Rao, M.D Sai Rama Krishna

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Efficient Multicast Communication using 3d Router
MD Sadiq, MA Taqhi

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Inorganic Electro-Luminescence Created by Nobble Hybrid-Printing-Process
Yejin ji, Haryeong Choi, Kayna Lee Mendoza, Nam-Soo Kim

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Performance Analysis of Adaptive MIMO OFDM Systems
C.Padmaja, Dr.B.L.Malleswari

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An Architectural Approach to Solid Waste Management on Selected Building Construction Sites in Bauchi Metropolis
Erekpitan Ola-Adisa, Yohanna C. Sati, Israel I. Ojonugwa

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Improvement of Power Flow in Transmission Line with UPFC Connected To Real and Reactive Power Coordination Controller
Shiraj Mohammed, Shaik Hameed

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Light Weight Cellular Automata Computations and Symmetric Key for Achieving Efficient Cryptography
Satyanarayana Reddy, M. Shiva Kumar

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Car Ownership Choice Analysis under the Vehicle Quota Restriction Policy: A Case Study of Guangzhou
Jun Li, Pinjie WU, Wenna ZHANG

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High Power-Efficiency and Good QOS for MIMO-OFDM in Mobile Communications using SVD
Irakam Hareesh, Jabeena Shaik, SK. Umar Faruq

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Sorption of Synthetic Bromo Phenol Blue Dye using Gelidium Cartilagineum Powder and Optimization using Central Composite Design
Dr. Ch. A. I. Raju, K. Satyanandam

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Facial Landmark Detection using Ensemble of Cascaded Regressions
Martin Penev, Ognian Boumbarov

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Compressive Sensing in the DFrFT Domain
Pinar Ozkan-Bakbak, Lutfiye Durak-Ata

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Implementation of Pipelined Architecture for AES Algorithm using Reversible Logic
Dasari Nagaveni, C.H Pushpalatha

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Design of SHA-3 Algorithm using Compression Box (3200 bit) for Digital Signature Applications
Avinash Kumar, C.H Pushpalatha

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The Identification of Dynamic Behavior with Three Variables in Fine Grained Soil
Nazile URAL, Zeki GÜNDÜZ

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Implementation of High Speed Adder using DLATCH
Gudise Anil Babu, C.H Pushpalatha

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Evaluation of Discomfort Glare by using Lighting Simulation Software for Optimal Designing of Indoor Illumination Systems
Dr. Jayashri Bangali

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Design of UART with BIST Capability using Cellular Automata
Akki. Siva Gopi, C.H Pushpalatha

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