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Volume - 3 Issue - 3


Direct Indirect Human Computer Interaction Based Biometric
Sachin Takmare, Miss. Pranjali Bhosale, Miss. Pooja Ganghi, Miss. Priyanka Shinde, Miss. Rutuja Waskar

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Designing of Silo in Batching System
Amol Shroff, UlkeshSolanki, Prashant Waghmare, Tejas Kulkarni, K.P. Agte

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Semi-Active Control of Structures Equipped with FDSAB Using Integrated Genetic Algorithm-Fuzzy Controller and Neutral Networks
Hosein Ghaffarzadeh

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Framework for Video Image Compression Using CUDA and NVIDIA's GPU
Ruchi Dhore, Amruta Gogawale, Shivani Borkar, Priyanka Jadhav, D D Sapkal

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Analysis of Longitudinal Slots in Rectangular Waveguide Using Finite Difference Method
U.Suman, JR Latha

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Intelligent Traffic Light Controller
J R Latha, U Suman

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Design Digital Non-Recursive FIR Filter by Using Exponential Window
Aous Y. Ali, Balasem Salem Sumait

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Effect(s) of Nominal-T Configuration on Transmission Line

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Unreliable Electric Power Supply in Nigeria (Akure 11kV feeders a case study)
Ale, T. O.,Odesola, A. O.

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Comparison between the Effects of Different Types of Membership Functions on Fuzzy Logic Controller Performance
Omar Adil M. Ali, Aous Y. Ali, Balasem Salem Sumait

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Analyzing Quality Control Aspects in an on Going Construction Projects with Respect to Cost and Time
Lalithya.V, Indhu.B

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Reduced Area Carry Select Adder with Low Power Consumptions
Gurpreet kaur, Loveleen Kaur, Navdeep Kaur

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