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Volume - 3 Issue - 5


A Survey on Security Issues and Security Schemes for Cloud and Multi-Cloud Computing
Prajakta S. Sadafule, Kumud Wasnik

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Study of Mobile Ad-hoc Network(MAGNET)
Navdeepkaur, Amandeep Kaur

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Traffic Accident Classification and Automatic Notification Using GPS
Ms. R. Sobana Devi, Mr. V. Thiruppathy Kesavan, Ms. V. Gayathri

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Review of LEACH Protocol and Its Types
Amandeep Kaur, Er. Swaranjeet Singh, Navjot Kaur

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Vibration Analysis of Tapered Beam (Withdraw)
V.Ravindra, R.Ramakrishna Reddy

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Secure Handoff Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ms. S. Vinothini, Mr. V. Thiruppathy Kesavan, Ms. M. Rethina Kumari

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Designing an Intelligent Transport Navigation System Using RFID
Anusha Mokenapally

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Computational Design and Fabrication of Exhaust Gas Calorimeter with C-Programming Template
Jaya kishore.S, P.GayathriDevi, P.KumarBabu

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Application of Mobile Agent in VANET for Measuring Environmental Data by Using RISC Processor
U.Subhadra Anjani, S.Mohammed Rafi, Y.Kiran

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Triple-Fault Tolerant Architecture Design for Ripple Carry Adder
Shaik Mabjani, K. Subramanyam

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Distributed Object Computing Using Java Remote Method Invocation
Hanumant Pawar, Sujeet Patil, Sourabh Karche, Udit Upadhayay, Mahesh Channaram

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Modeling and Finite Element Analysis for a Casting Defect in Thin-Wall Structures
Vinit Bijagare, Vikas Deulgaonkar

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Optimal Planning of Energy Storage Systems in Transmission Networks using Evolutionary Algorithm
R.Viveka, Dr.S.Kalyani, P.M.Devie

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