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Volume - 3 Issue - 11


Design and Implementation of Hybrid Rc4 and Sha-2 Algorithms for Wifi Applications
M. Niharika, Ravindharan Ethiraj

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Novel Error-Detection and Correction Technique for Memory Application
Dandem Sudhakar, K.S.Indrani

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Design and Implementation of Digit Serial Fir Filter
Mohammed Arif, K.S.Indrani

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An Experience with Simulation Modelling for Radial Flow Pump
Mohd Azlan Ismail, Al Khalid Othman, Hushairi Zen

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Interfacing OCP on A On-Chip Bus
Mohammad Yousufuddin, G. Bharathi Subhashini

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Automated Utility Meter Reading Using Wireless System Bluetooth with MSP430 Microcontroller
Keerthi M, Raju N

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The Effect of Laying Head Temperature on the Structure and Formation of Scale in Special Alloy Steel Wire Rods during Hot Rolling
O.Meydan, Assist.Prof.Dr.M.Akcil

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Hardware Design Considerations for a Wireless LED Based Display Design
Latha Dasari, Srinivas.B

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Thermocouple Interfacing With MSP430F5529 for Furnace Management System
B.Kiranmai, B.Srinivas

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WG Stream Cipher Based Encryption Algorithm
Shrddha N Choudhary , K Suresh

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Understanding an Fram Technology Using MSP430 Microcontroller
Rajyalakshmi G, Ravitheja T

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Video Watermarking by using the Wavelet Transform with Perform SVD Technique
T.Harish Kumar, G.Kumaraswamy

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ATM Security using GSM and Fingerprint with Authorized Permission for Transaction
T.N.S.Pallavadhar, V.Srinivas

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Synthesis of Perspective Hydrocarbons for Synthetic Lubricants with a High Viscosity Characteristic
A.H. Hasanov, A.H. Azizov, A.M. Mammadova, I.H. Ayyubov, S.R. Khalilova

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Morphometric Analysis of Milli Watershed Area in Zaheerabad
M.A. Kalam, Dr. M. Ramesh

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Study on the Factor Analysis for the Decline of the Central City Area
Tsunetoshi Nasu, Riken Homma, Kazuhisa Iki

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Effects of Incorporating Air Pre-Heater after the Compression Process to Exergy Destruction and Exergy Efficiency of a Gas Turbine Plant
Dolor, G.A, Popoola E., Kpokpo F., Enaghinor L

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A Survey of Radiation Levels Associated with Mobile and Wireless Communication Technology Masts in Public Areas in Kaduna Metropolis
Ali Haruna, Go Ogbange

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Low-phonon RE-doped Glasses for Multicolor Upconversion Luminescence
Dominik Dorosz

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Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of Eccentrically Loaded RC Columns Strengthened using a Steel Jacketing Technique
Adel A. Hussein, Mohamed K. Elsamny, Amr M. Nafie, Mohamed K. Abd-Elhamed

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Research of Thermal Phenomena During the Intermittent Processing Copper Bronze BrAZH9-4
A.M. Arzumanyan, H.S. Manukyan, S.H. Hakobyan, T.A. Mirvelyan

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FEM Analysis on Submarine Propeller Blade for Improved Efficiency by using Solid Works and ANSYS-Workbench
Jaya Kishore.S, B. Siddeswara Rao, P. Kumar Babu

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Text Detection from Natural Image using MSER and BOW
K.Sowndarya Lahari, M.Haritha, P.Prasanna Murali Krishna

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Region Growing Thresholding Based Object-Oriented Shadow Detection and Removal from Urban High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
P.V.Lekha Sindhu, P.Kiran Babu, P.Prasanna Murali Krishna

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Research of Smartphone Industry Outsourcing Strategy
Chien-Jung Huang, Jui-Chin Jiang

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