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Volume - 3 Issue - 7


Hybrid Vehicle Power Train
R. G. Khadeev

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Quantum Key Distribution by Exploitation Public Key Cryptography (ECC) In Resource Constrained Devices
Sneha Charjan, D. H. Kulkarni

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Wind Turbine Emulator Development Using Labview FPGA
Marcel Topor

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Performance Evaluation in MANET by Using NCPR Scheme with Cluster Technique
Rajesh S. Paranjape, S. S. Barde

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ALU Based Symmetric Transparent Online BIST for Array of Word - Organized RAMs
Anupama Priya, S.M.Shamsheer Daula

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Fault Tolerant Architecture Design for Digital Adder
M.Santhosha, B. Sarala

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Biodiesel Making and Experimented Results from Waste Cooking Oil, in Mongolia
Enkhbayar Gonchigdorj, Bayambatsogt Dulamjav, Bolor-Erdene Narankhuu, Erdenesaikhan Ouynsurtal, Dorjsuren Ishdorj

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QoS Control in FiWi Access Network
Nitin Namdeo Mali, Vivek V Jog

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Unsteady Conduction Analysis of Thermal Performance of Bridge Roadway
X.Cao, H.Miyashita, B.Song, T.Fukuhara, Z.Zhang

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Indoor Navigation Approach for the Visually Impaired
Sadique Waris, S.B Somani

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Compact Implementation of SHA3-1024 on FPGA
S.Bhargav, Dr. Drva Sharath Kumar

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On The Reflexivity of Direct Sum of Reflexive Operators
Kothiyal Pradeep

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Detecting and Correcting the Multiple Errors in Video Coding System
Kunkala Suman, K Dhanunjaya

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Stress-Strain Analysis of Carbon-Epoxy Laminated Composites during Delamination by Finite Element Method
M.Kishore, Ch.Sekhar, SCV Ramana Murthy Naidu, Dr. Ch.Srinivasa Rao

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Overview of the Practical Application of Essential Planning Tools in Nigerian Construction Process
Zaynab U. B. Ahmad, Keftin A. Namala

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Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Sources at the Distribution Level with Power-Quality Improvement Features
P Hameed Khan, Shaik Abdul Hameed

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Convolution and Deconvolution Algorithm using Vedic Mathematics with Wallace Adder
Shivshankar, Pattem sampath kumar

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Secure Data Communication using Cryptography and Steganography Standards
N. Pavani, B. Sarala

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Efficient Area and High Speed Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm
G.Anjali, Sudhir Dakey

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Implementation and Analysis of High Speed and Area Efficient Carry Select Adder
Madhurima Bose, Sourabh Sharma

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Architecture to Detect and Correct error in Motion Estimation of Video System Based on RQ Code
Purva Choudhary, K.Mallikarjuna Lingam

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Efficient Partial Product Generation Using Radix4 & Radix8 for Multi-Modulus Multiplication
Priya Sandhu, M. Anusha

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Cancer Classification Using Neural Network
Sudip Mandal, Indrojit Banerjee

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Design and Implementation of High Speed Low Power and area Efficient Parallel Prefix Adder for Processor Applications
Y.Navya Sruthi, P.Sanjeeva Reddy

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Implementation of AES Algorithm for Area and Power Optimization by the Application of Reversible Logic and Null Conventional Logic
Poojitha Avuta, Anitha Patibandla, Gayathri Aouta

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Implementation of Convolution Encoder and Adaptive Viterbi Decoder for Error Correction
Asma, Ramanjaneyulu

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An Effective and Efficient Key Generation using RCA/NRCA for Cryptosystems
Ujwal Kumar Sayaboyina, Divya Kanuganti

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Threat Conscious Improvement for Routing Attack in MANET
Mr. S. G. Phule, Mr. G. T. Chavan

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A Novel Approach to Realize Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) Enabled UART Using CA-LFSR
Shaik Ansar Ali, Kavuri Suresh

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Effective Area Comparative Analysis of Efficient Architecture for Carry Select Adder (CSLA)
Chiluveru Saraiah, M.Anusha

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GIS Based Site Suitability and Potential Assessment of Jatropha Crop for Biofuel Production
Abhijith Sastry N S, C R Francis

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