International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology

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Volume - 3 Issue - 8


A Proposed Method for Cryptographic Technique by Using Genetic Function
Guttikonda Murali Krishna, V.Rajya Lakshmi

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Design of 3D NOC Interconnection Router for Efficient Multicast Communication
Kantha Bheemireddygari, SailajaVemula

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The Homomorphism and Anti-Homomorphism of N-Generated Fuzzy Groups and Its Level Subgroups
A.Solairaju, S.Rethinakumar, M.Maria Arockia Raj

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An Automated Programming Tool for Archiving and Interfacing Web Contents from Static and Dynamic Sites
Richa Bhatt, Harshitha P, Kalyani Jha, Bhakthavathsalam R, Gowranga K H, Saqquaf S M

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Optimization of the Diagnostical Cabling of a Fusion Power Plant with the Help of Modeling of Thermo-mechanical Analysis
Judit Szalai

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Compact Implementation of KECCAK SHA3-1024 Hash Algorithm
Bonagiri Hemanthkumar, T. Krishnarjuna Rao, Dr. D. Subba Rao

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Impact of Partnering on Construction Projects - A Review
Vikas R Nadig, Sanjith J, Irfan Khan, Sumkha R A

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Implementation of Convolution Based on Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics using Urdhva Tiryagbhyam Multiplier and De-Convolution using Nikhilam Algorithm
Gajelli Vineeth Tej, T. Gopi, Dr. D. Subba Rao

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High Speed and Low Power Multiplier Using Reversible Logic for Wireless Communications
Madhu Kumari Singh, N. Shivakumar, Dr. D. Subba Rao

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Delay-Range-Dependent Stability Analysis for Continuous Linear System with Interval Delay
Fang Qiu

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Design and Implementation with Area, Power and Delay Estimation of Hybrid Parallel Prefix Adder
Tanveer Fatima, Sree Uma

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Design of BIST Enabled UART with MISR
Surya Tejeswari Yeturi, Venkateswarlu Rapalli

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A Modified Radix2, Radix4 Algorithms and Modified Adder for Parallel Multiplication
Chakka Supriya, G.Vijaya Krishna

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A Novel Approach to Solve Deadlock Problem in On-Chip BUS Communication
Vinola Purantra, S.Subbanna, D.Subba Rao

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Design and Implementation of Wallace Tree Multiplier Using Kogge Stone Adder and Brent Kung Adder
G. Shireesha, Dr. G. Kanaka Durga

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Design and Implementation of Hybrid Parallel Prefix Adder
Pamishetti Sujith Kumar, N.Sivakumar, Dr. D Subba Rao

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Design of I2C BUS Controller using VHDL
Spandana Sunku, Lavanya Latha Mutyala

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A New Encryption and Decryption Algorithm for Block Cipher Using Cellular Automata Rules
Sirgamalla Vasantha, N. Shivakumar, Dr. D Subba Rao

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Welch-Gong (Wg) 128 Bit Stream Cipher For Encryption and Decryption Algorithm
Bhukya Sakram, N. Malathi, Dr. D Subba Rao

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Mitigation of Harmonics in a grid connected DFIG Wind Power System
Mirza Tanweer Baig,Abrar Ahmad,Dr.Mohammad Muazzam

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Fabrication and Simulation of Composite Sandwich Steel Leaf Spring for Light Commercial Vehicles
P. Manimaran, S. Madhan Raj, S. Pradeep Devaneyan, D. Peter Pushpanathan

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Gesture Controlled Home Automation
Sumanta Dey, Amit Das, Anupam Mishra, Debayan Dutta

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Application of Fuzzy Controller for Automatic Diagnosis of Rotor Broken Bars in Industrial Induction Motors
Cesar da Costa, Mauro Hugo Mathias

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Design, Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Direct Contact Membrane Type Distillation System Integrated With Solar Flat Plate Collector
Imran Hussain Moidu, Hariharan R

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New Global Asymptotic Stability Condition for Delayed Neural Networks with a Constant Delay
Chunxia Li , Fang Qiu

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Assessment of Embodied Water of Construction: Case Study of a Four Star Rated Hotel in New Delhi, India
Indraneel Roy Choudhuri

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Prediction of Fretting Fatigue Strength of Al7075 Alloys
Sandeep.T.R, Anoop.M.S

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Electronic Trapping and Monitoring of Insect Pests troubling Agricultural Fields
Dr. S. Thangalakshmi, R. Ramanujan

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Assisting the Speech Impaired People Using Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Ledisi G. Kabari, Ledum F. Atu

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